April 12, 2013

Marketing Staff Training

Digital Marketing Staff TrainingThere are some CEO’s and CMO’s who are taking the approach to make marketing a company wide initiative instead of a department function. This move makes a lot of sense with the ongoing growth of social media, easy to use content management systems, and the power of brand relevancy. To have an entire company promoting the brand makes sense, since those same employees represent your company day and night. We can assist in getting your employees up to speed on digital marketing, as well as identifying those who can be power users wethers its posting on social media, or updating the companies blog and web pages. The times of having a dedicated specialist performing maintenance for social channels and the company website are quickly passing. It’s clear that it is more efficient to have a team of content distributors rather than depend on one or two specialist on your team. We are also available for providing expertise on solving and supporting more technical issues that your staff may not have the experience in resolving.

Overall, we are confident we can train your staff to be an efficient marketing powerhouse, your competitors won’t know what hit them!

Digital Marketing Staff, the Power of Team Marketing!

Start out with our Free Website Analysis, from there we can develop a Marketing Training Plan that will meet your goals and go beyond your target audiences expectations.

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