April 11, 2013

Digital Media Buying Services

Our digital media planning and buying team knows how, when and where to reach your consumers while always considering your ROI. We also integrate media planning with the creative process, optimizing on digital marketing strategies while always keeping in mind, return on media spend. We’re looking for more than just impressions, we pride ourselves on making creatives that inspire consumers to act on call to actions.

Targeting Marketing Audiences with Intent

Successful online media planning isn’t just about getting eyeballs. It’s about getting the right people to notice you with the right message at the right time. To build a successful brand, we take a holistic approach to media planning and buying that allows us to integrate specific digital channels and measure cross-channel influence and performance.

Local to Global Media Planning & Buying Capabilities

We’ve managed clients that have an international component, so we have experience developing media strategies that are both local and/or global. Our target audience marketing network spans across 200 countries and 30 languages with a reach of over 50 million unique visitors every month. We have the ability to start and stop campaigns, just let us know your demographics.