April 11, 2013


Display AdvertisingRetargeting marketing tactics are a great way to put digital banners in front of visitors that have visited your website. Many agencies sell retargeting also known as remarketing as a way of increasing conversions. At what price? Retargeting is great for some businesses, such as a company selling goods, but for a company that sells services, not so much so. If you are interested in using retargeting to increase conversions, we are here to tell you that there are better tactics to do so such as search engine marketing. As far as retargeting driving conversions, for example, visitors who convert on a website will continue to be retargeted to even though they have converted. Those same ad dollars would be better used to generate new leads. In some cases, retargeting is going on even though there is no intention at all for the customer to come back and convert on the advertisers website. That is also a waste of ad dollars, and not smart digital marketing.

We recommend using retargeting for brand awareness amongst target audience to show credibility. Think of retargeting as a commercial that is constantly played on your TV. Although conversions can be tracked with a retargeting campaign, the ultimate goal should be generating impressions amongst your target audience, and for that, retargeting serves its purpose.

We’ll make sure that we take your retargeting campaign to the next level by placing your company in front of your target audience.

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