April 11, 2013

Landing Page Design & Optimization

Landing Page Design & OptimizationWhile a good Search Engine Optimization program improves website traffic, it’s probably not good enough to increase conversions that turn into solid leads. That’s where a thorough landing page design and optimization program comes into play. It’s important to have a funnel in place that will guide customers to convert. Make it easy and clear for customers to follow a call to action, make it easy for them to submit data by adding a lead generation form to your must successful web pages.

A visit to your website is very similar to a car driving down the highway and passing a billboard. Potential customers can easily pass by, but as your website being a digital billboard, it’s important to make it interactive as to where customers can benefit from the impression gained and take action, whether that be to fill out a form, or to purchase an item. Let us put together a landing page strategy that will help you increase conversions.

Attract, Funnel, and Convert

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