August 2, 2013

Blog Coaching

Content Development & Distribution ServicesSo you have a blog, now what? We’ve seen many clients with 100 of blog post, but minimum website traffic. There’s a strategy behind blog marketing, and it’s important that you have a strategy before you start writing away, or you will soon find that the rewards of your efforts are little to none.

Our blog coaching & development strategies will prepare you with an aggressive search engine optimization campaign that will have your website ranking for competitive keywords and obtaining #1 SERP’s across the board. We’ll coach you on what to write about in order to attract website traffic from search engines. We’ll also give you consultation on how to improve your blog so that it is better optimized.

What’s in your Blog?

Start out with our Free Website Analysis, from there we can develop a blog coaching & development plan that will meet your goals and go beyond your target audiences expectations.

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