July 26, 2013

Link Building Backlink Service

Link Building Backlink ServicesBy now you’ve probably heard the terminology, "going viral". Back linking, better yet, link sharing is a big part of content going viral on the web and can lead to online leads. There is an art to creating content that will be shared online in order to create buzz. Back linking/ link sharing can take place when websites pick up a story and post it on their website, sharing a link through social media, reposting a blog, etc., and linking back to the original website. In essence, back linking is a popularity contest, and it’s a major reason why Google has been so successful because they have incorporated link building as a core criteria in their search engine optimization algorithm.

Companies can build websites all day long, if there are no incoming links Google will most likely ignore that website. The saying, build it and they will come does not apply to today’s websites. You can build it, but you better create life lines, roads, highways, etc., for traffic to get to it. Visualize that, and imagine a spider web, there are rings of webs to get to the central point. Essentially, search engines are reviewing if anyone out there cares about your website enough to reference it on their website.

The more back links a website has, the more Google sees that particular website as relevant and trustworthy, thus being a website they are more likely to present to their users. It is search engines quality control to not serve up any old website to their precious users, Googles aim to not get Yahoo’d!

Now that we’ve gotten the definition of back links out the way, you should now understand why a link building program is key to your companies success on the web, and how to go about squashing your competitors. Make sure that the agency providing your link building service is practicing white hat seo, as black hat seo techniques (buying paid links, buying mass back links through paid directories, etc.) will surely get your website penalized, or even worse, banned. Target Audience Marketing uses white hat seo and a content development and distribution method that builds back links organically. Implementing proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is only half the battle. To really get ahead and leave your competition behind, a link building program should be implemented simultaneously along with a SEO campaign. Let us put together a link building program that will help you increase website traffic to generate online leads.

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