April 11, 2013

About Target Audience Marketing Agency

Target Audience Marketing Agency (TamAgency) was founded in Boca Raton, Florida to assist companies in meeting their digital marketing and technology initiatives. Firstly, we are about great service to our clients, with our approach being similar to a top notch restaurant, you’ll keep coming back to try the entire menu. Our aim is to not only satisfy our clients, but to go beyond their expectations so that they come back for more marketing and technology services to help support their growth! No matter if it’s a small business with a small budget, we will develop the innovative strategies needed to help them acquire new customers, and beat out competitors, all while staying in budget.

We ensure that our clients receive the best marketing and technology agency services, and are shown honesty and integrity on every project, no matter the cost. Our approach is to ensure that we enhance growth, not to up sell you on needless marketing and technology services. We understand your frustrations with dealing with other agencies, that is why we operate in a partnership manner, and understand that your success is also our success!

Our parent company, Digital Media ID has a history of turning around companies, no matter the industry.